A-Spec Ezine Article: Lambo Door Kits and You

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A-Spec Article:

Lambo Door Kits and you!

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SR20DET Parts

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A-Spec Performance Recent Updates:

We recently updated our site with more SR20DET Parts:

HKS SR20DET Piston Sleeves
Darton SR20DET Sleeves

and we also updated the site with the Tomei SR22 Stroker Kit:
Tomei’s Stroker kits are comprised of fully forged connecting rods, pistons, and crankshafts, which are much more durable than the factory cast units. When subjected to extreme conditions and heat cast metal is much more likely to fracture than forged metal, causing catastrophic engine failure and expensive repair bills.

We recommend this 2.2L kit over all others
SR20DET Parts

Vertical Door Kit – Neon Kit Combo Special!

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A-Spec now offers a 75 degree Vertical Door Kit and Neon Kit together as 1 price for less than $400.

Kit Includes:
Included in this kit:

2 – 9 inch L. E. D. Neon Tubes
Universal 75 Degree Vertical Door Kit
(Professional Installation Required)
1. Pair of Vertical Door Hinges (Passenger & Driver Side Hinge)
2. Pair of heavy duty gas shocks
3. All installation hardware needed
4. Extended wiring harness when applicable
5. Detailed Instructions


A-Spec Performance Now offers VERTICAL DOOR KITS!

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A-Spec Performance

Vertical Door Kits: Universal Bolt-On/Weld-On and Vehicle Specific Bolt-Ons


Vertical Door Kit Specials and Savings Available!

A-Spec Now offers Sparco Racing Seats!

A-Spec Performance now offers Sparco Racing Seats and Accessories!



Undercar Neon Kits Now Available!

A-Spec Performance now offers undercar neon kits in tube and L.E.D versions.
These neon kits are Universal for All types of Cars, also available is the ANMI2 to make your neons dance to your music.



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